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I have made a quick video to show how to operate a zero tun mower when lawn mowing in Greece, NY.  This video will highlight the personal protective equipment that should be worn when mowing a lawn.  In addition it explains the proper technique that should be used to get the best results when mowing a lawn in the Greece, NY area. Finally our lawn mowing video talks about the things a professional company should do when mowing a lawn in Greece, NY.


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What The Numbers on Your Fertilizer Bag Mean

Hey Mike Callahan here wanted to make a video to explain what the 3 numbers on the fertilizer bag mean if you’re looking to tackle your fertilization and weed control this year in your lawn. Theses three numbers are made up of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium and they are represented as a percentage of weight that each element is in the bag. For example if we had a 4-4-4 in a 12 pound bag we would we have 4 pounds of nitrogen 4 pounds of phosphorus and 4 pounds of potassium.
it is important to know that there is about 17 elements that are essential for growth in a plant and Lawn are the most important to 3, nitrogen is known for spring vigorously the growth and rich green color and lawns and grass plants and without enough nitrogen growth slows and lines and planes turn pale with too much nitrogen flower and fruit bearing plants put their efforts into green growth and forfeit their blooms and fruit.
Phosphorus focus and strong root development and flowers fruits and seeds and also helps a plant use other nutrients. Potassium enhances the overall growth and helps regulate root and top growth and keeps plants healthy. In addition potassium will help the plant from drought tolerance disease and pest resistance and from the cold.

Lawn Mowing Greece, NY on a slope

Mike Callahan wanted to make a video to go over the proper way to mow a lawn in Greece, New York that has a slope period the first step is to get out your manufacturer’s manual for the particular mower you’re using. The next step is to check out the recommended maximum slope in degrees that your particular mower is built to mow. there are two different types of mowers one is hydraulically driven and the other is belt-driven comma when mowing a slope I would recommend a hydraulically driven mower with a locking differential to avoid the chance of the mower slipping backwards and hitting you. Once you have confirmed the proper slope from the manufacturer’s manual and determine the best type of mower to use on the slope when lawn mowing in Greece, New York the next step is to identify if the slope is too wet or too dry to cut.
Either of these conditions may lead to the mower slipping and damaging the mower or injury to yourself.

Now that you’re ready to perform your lawn mowing in Greece, New York on a slope we will start from the bottom of the slope and work our way up the slope on a slight angle and if possible turn the mower off the slope, if this is not possible turn the mower up words and continue up in side by side to side all the way up the hill. Do not cut the hill or slow up and down if you run the risk of losing control of the mower or even worse at flipping on top of you. The final tip is to Throttle Down The Mower so it is not going too fast so if you do run into an obstacle or the mower starts to slip you have a better chance of regaining control of the mower safely.

Source Credits :
Orec America,
illustrations: David Preiss

Lawn Mowing Greece, New York

Hi this is Mike Callahan of Callahan’s Lawn Care making a quick video about the proper way to mow your lawn in Greece, New York. To have the best looking stripes in the neighborhood. The first step is to cut a circular pattern around the perimeter of the property making sure to direct the clippings away from the home and the landscape beds. By pointing the clippings out  of the mower to the interior of the lawn this can be achieved. The next step to having a great looking lawn in Greece New York is when you’re turning the lawnmower the first week on the horizontal stripes pattern to complete your turn using a a K Turn and not spin and one stationary point they could damage and tear up the lawn and create a turn mark.

The second week we will use a vertical stripe pattern running in the opposite direction of the first week which was a horizontal pattern. When looking at the stripes created by the mower you’ll notice there is a light and dark pattern,   the light color you see on the grass blades is from the reflection of the Sun on the Longleaf of the grass. The darker-colored stripes are the grass blades pushed towards you and the light reflection of the sun is on the shorter part of the grass creating the appearance of a darker stripe.

The third week you are going to want to go in a diagonal pattern across the yard remembering to go around the outside of the property directing your grass clippings to Interior the lawn once again to avoid putting grass clippings at the house or in the landscape beds. The final cut on week four will be the opposite diagonal direction to create a complete checkerboard pattern with diagonal cuts alternating each Direction on the fifth week you will start back again with the  first vertical lawn mowing pattern and continue for the next four weeks following the same system. it is important to remember that when cutting the grass in this systematic pattern it will create a stronger grass play because we’re cutting it from different directions and not allow the grass to lay down and be mad if we cut the same exact way each every week or more tips please check us out at or give us a call at 585-261-3379. Hopefully you found these tips useful for lawn mowing in Greece, New York.

Source: Scag Power Equipment, | illustrations: David Preiss

Lawn Mowing Greece NY

Does your current provider provide complete training how the work should be done on your lawn in Greece, NY? At Callahan’s we take training very seriously, all of our team goes through  video training before ever mowing a lawn in Greece, NY.  Of you are looking for the best service in Greece, NY look no further.  Callahan’s offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you may ask how can a lawn mowing company do this?  Simple we train and to a process and systems that nets predictable results!  Check out one of the many videos that we use to train our professional lawn mowing crews in Greece, NY.


How To Control Crab Grass in Rochester, NY

I wanted to make a video about the Common weeds in Upstate New York grass, crabgrass is a member of the grass family which grow thicker and is less attractive with a pattern growing outward from central location. Other common names for Crabgrass in the upstate New York area including Rochester, NY would be large crabgrass with shiny crabgrass and hair crabgrass luckily there’s many ways to avoid having crabgrass in your lawn. Crabgrass is a plant that basically usually takes hold where there’s poor lawn development. Crab grass in Rochester, NY is an annual plant which needs to reproduce year after year. You are able to eliminate crabgrass before it germinates with a pre emergent weed control application, or after it takes hold with a post emergent application. If you need help with crabgrass this year Callahan’s Lawn Care provides lawn care in Greece NY, Irondequoit NY, Fairport NY, Penfield NY, Gates NY, Hilton NY, and Pittsford NY

Common crabgrass that can be seen in Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas including Greece NY, Irondequoit NY, Fairport NY, Penfield NY, Gates NY, Hilton NY, and Pittsford NY may look like this:


Landscape Bed Weed Control


Weed Free Landscape Beds This Summer:


keep your Landscape beds looking their best this upcoming summer season by using specialized weed control products such as pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control such as Preen and Roundup. if you are looking for tips how to maintain your own landscape beds this summer please check out our expert advice below, if you were looking for help and weed prevention and service to eliminate the tedious need of hand weeding and  hours of work and pain please give Callahan’s a call for a free estimate for a specialized full week control program in your landscape beds consisting of four or five visits to maintain a weed-free landscape this year in Rochester New York. your Callahan’s professionals are trained and licensed apply ornamental bed weed control and have the train experts to ensure your landscape looks its best all season long.


Do it Yourself Tips:


If you are looking to tackle the weeding of your landscape beds this season here are a few tips from the professionals at Callahan’s to help you along the way. Early spring apply a pre-emergent weed control agent to prevent the seedng of new weeds this year. The second step is to apply a post-emergent to eliminate any existing weeds that may have been in the beds before the pre-emergent application. The third and final stop is constant monitoring and the application of a post-emergent non-selective herbicide to ensure any additional weeds that do fly into your beds via the air or different things like birds are taken care of in a timely fashion. Caution should be taken in order not to come in contact with any plans with a non-selective herbicide because it will kill the foliage and possibly kill the plant. If this sounds like something you’d like to leave up to professionals please give us a call for a free estimate otherwise thank you for checking out our post on creating a weed-free landscape bed this summer.


Benefits and Results of Of Hiring a Professional Weed Control Expert:


  • More Manicure landscape and great curb appeal
  • Helps prevent germination of wens and controls existing weeds
  • Reduced maintenance by the homeowner [Enjoy Your Summer!]
  • Don’t worry about the right products to use and when to use them.


Areas that we provide landscape bed weed prevention:

Greece New York, Irondequoit New York, Pittsford New York, Penfield New York, Gates New York, Webster New York, and Rochester New York.

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Landscape beds that Callahan’s has maintained in Greece, New York for over 10 years!

How To Treat Pink Snow Mold in Rochester, New York

In you live in upstate Rochester, NY or any of the following suburbs you should be aware of pink snow mold and how to prevent it.  Area that should be aware of pink snow mold this season: Greece New York, Irondequoit New York, Penfield New York, Fairport New York, Pittsford New York, Gates New York, and Hilton New York



Rochester, New York there are several things you can do to avoid winter snow mold in the fall. To ensure you do not have winter snow mold over the winter months make sure that your lawn is cut to the shortest length possible. The next step is to ensure all the leaves and leave piles are removed from your lawn before the winter months and snow accumulates. The third step is when clearing your driveway and sidewalks of snow try not to pile snow in large piles where the weight all the snow could seal in moisture and create pink snow mold. If you live in the areas Greece New York, Irondequoit New York, Penfield New York, Fairport New York, Pittsford New York, Gates New York, and Hilton New York Callahan’s Lawn Care is here to help with your questions how to get rid of pink snow mold.

How To Fix:

The first step is to rake out the affected area and spread new screened topsoil, apply a premium grass seed. Traditionally winter snow mold or pink snow mold as seen in the video will form in seven to 12 inch diameter circles with a fungal growth that is pink or white and after the summer season starts. These areas traditionally will die and create unsightly brown dead patches of grass. If you’re looking to do it yourself please follow these simple steps to create a beautiful lawn in Rochester, New York this spring.

Need Help?

If you would like help creating a beautiful landscape and removing page snow mold or winter snow mold from your yard in Rochester New York this year comma please feel free to give us a call at 261-337 9 or look us up on the web at www. or see more helpful hints on our Facebook page link:

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