The Real Cost of a Slip & Fall Lawsuit

If you own a commercial property in the Rochester, NY area you are at risk of becoming a victim of a slip and fall lawsuit.  Rochester, NY ranks 3rd among large cities in the United State for having the largest yearly snow accumulation. With this amount of snow you are at greater risk than most commercial property owners in the United States. Making it even more challenging are lake effect snow and the ever changing temperatures all winter long. The chances of snow melting and refreezing in your parking lot put you at even GREATER RISK! The average cost to defend a  a slip and fall lawsuit is $50,000 and if it goes to court average judgements in these cases are around $100,000. If a slip and fall claim arises, your commercial liability insurance will step in to defend your interests.

Most commercial property owners in Rochester, NY now realize that hiring a snow and ice removal professional up front not only saves them money in the long run but limits their exposure to lawsuits and higher insurance premiums. If you own a commercial property that needs snow and ice removal call Callahan’s for a free snow and ice removal consultation. The lowest priced snow removal contractor in the Rochester, NY area may not be the best choice for your long term stability. Callahan’s specializes in zero tolerance properties that require a professional and proactive approach to snow and ice removal.

If you are not going to shovel this winter call Callahan's we are here to help!





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