Callahan’s Owner Mike Callahan Talks About the Mild Start to the Snow Plowing Season


January 24, 2017 07:15 AM

As people woke up in the City of Rochester Tuesday morning, there wasn’t a lot of snow on the ground, if any. The freezing rain changed over to snow around 6 a.m.

It’s been an unusually dry January. Only about four inches of snow fell in the first 23 days of the month.

That means people like Mike Callahan need to work to keep a full staff. Callahan owns Callahan’s Lawn Care and Property Maintenance. On snowy mornings, Callahan sends out 25 crews to plow 600 driveways and about 70 parking lots.

But, since we’ve only seen a few several inches of snow this month, he hasn’t had to do that often. That means some of his employees are looking for other work.


“Winter like this, where you have to start worrying about guys who aren’t making enough money, and they end up on unemployment, they’re looking for full time work somewhere else,” said Callahan. “So it’s a balancing act.” 

Callahan said two of his employees have left this winter for full time construction jobs.

“We try to supplement some work with some pruning or different landscaping maintenance we can do in the winter as well,” he said.

Callahan’s crews did have to do some work this morning. They were out salting parking lots well before the sun came up.



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Lawn Care in Greece, NY [Proper Watering Techniques]

August 04, 2016 05:56 PM

If you are like most, your lawn is likely brown at this point with the lack of rain. Lawn care expert, Mike Callahan, says there is still time to save your lawn if it is browning.

Callahan has been a lawn care expert for more than 20 years and he says that he never has seen a summer this hot and dry. Wednesday, the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation issued a drought warning for all of Western New York. No water use restrictions are in place under this drought warning, but the state is asking citizens to conserve water whenever possible. 

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“Seven or eight years ago there was a drought probably about half as bad as this, but nothing even in comparison,” said Callahan.  

Callahan says even some of his grass is not green.

“Grass basically, with the extreme heat and drought that we’re experiencing right now, will actually go dormant, it hasn’t died. They say on average you can last about two months for the lawn to be dormant,” said Callahan.

It has already been about two months of little to no rain in upstate New York. 

“Right now is the time you really need to act if you are going to do it, otherwise you’re running a major risk in the fall. You’re either going to have to over seed or completely reseed your lawn. 

To save your lawn, Callahan says either an impulse sprinkler or an oscilating sprinkler will do. As for as watering, Callahan said, “Twice a week, total of a half of an inch each time total of an inch for the whole week and that’s going to give a heavy soaking so that’s going to promote root growth and get the lawn to actually grow more.”

Callahan says measuring water is simple: “If you don’t want to go out and actually buy one of [the sprinklers], you can use a tuna can that are approximately about an inch in depth.”

While homeowners are doing all they can to revive their lawns, Callahan says the best remedy would still come from Mother Nature herself.

“Those heavy, really quick rains, with how dry it is right now, will actually hit the ground and run off. We need just a good solid consistent soaking for a 24 to 48 hours,” said Callahan. 

Here is a list of tips from the governor’s office to reduce water use: 

• Fix dripping and leaking faucets and toilets. A faucet leaking 30 drops per minute wastes 54 gallons a month.

• Raise your lawn mower cutting height. Longer grass needs less water.

• If your community allows watering, water lawns and gardens on alternate mornings instead of every day. Less frequent watering will develop grass with deeper roots, and early morning watering minimizes evaporation.

•  When using automatic lawn watering systems, override the system in wet weather or use a rain gauge to control when and how much water to use. A fixed watering schedule


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Tips on keeping your Lawn Green, Mike Callahan of Callahan’s Lawn Care on Channel 8 News with Josh Nichols.


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) – One look at the grass and its no secret that Rochester has had a serious rainfall deficit since the beginning of spring. While some of us can afford to let our lawns go brown there are others that simply cannot.

The links of your favorite course are just one of those places where the greens need to be green!  Art Eichas is just the man for that job. For 37 years, he’s been the Greens Superintendant in charge of the course at Ridgemont Country Club in Greece, so he knows just how dry we are.

“This is probably the driest spring we’ve had through this time of year,” said Eichas. “Usually the dry comes in August. This year it’s been right from the start from the spring on.”

So when mother nature doesn’t deliver water he has to find an alternative and that means irrigation.

“We put out about a quarter of a million gallons right now, said Eichas. “We have roughly 440 sprinklers, all radio controlled. We tell it how much to put down every night. And, so far so good  “

And you don’t need to go to the lengths a golf course has to go through to rescue your own lawns. Whether very dry or even dormant, landscape pros like Mike Callahan, owner of Callahan Tree and Landscape, say there’s still hope to save that grass  with a little strategy in how you water.

“I would recommend especially in the Northeast here with this drought get out there put out an inch of water this week do it in those two different segments at those optimized times,” said Callahan. “You can leave it but if there is heavy foot traffic or from pets you are running the risk of it not coming back in spring.”

Although there’s a big difference between taking care of your lawn and taking care of a golf course there are tricks of the trade that you can apply to your own lawn.

For example water late in the afternoon and early in the morning. And don’t forget to conserve water too because rainfall in the forecast is not significant any time soon.

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Crab Grass and weed control in Rochester, NY

How to Control Crabgrass 

I wanted to make a video about the Common weeds  in Upstate New York grass, crab grass is a member of the grass family which grow thicker and is less attractive with a pattern growing outward from central location. Other common names for Crabgrass in the upstate New York area including  Rochester, NY  would be large crabgrass with shiny crabgrass and hair crabgrass luckily there’s many ways to avoid having crabgrass in your lawn. Crabgrass is a plant that basically usually takes hold where there’s poor lawn  development.  

Crab grass in Rochester, NY is an  annual plant which needs to reproduce year after year.  You are able to eliminate crabgrass before it germinates with a pre emergent weed control application, or after it takes hold with a post emergent application.

Need Help?

If you need help with crabgrass this year Callahan’s Lawn Care provides lawn care in Greece NY, Irondequoit NY, Fairport NY, Penfield NY, Gates NY, Hilton NY, and Pittsford NY

Lawn mowing update 5/13/15

Due to extremely heavy rain produced by pop up showers Monday and Tuesday, some of our crews are delayed by half a day.  All lawns will be mowed before the weekend.  Thank you for your understanding, The Callahan Team!

We Challenge You To Find Another Lawn Care Company In Rochester, NY That Will Guarantee Their Work Like We Will!

I am so sure you’ll be absolutely delighted with our service, that I am willing to come back and redo the job at no charge, with no questions asked if you are not 100% satisfied with our work!

Owner, Mike Callahan


Our Unique 8 Step Lawn Care Procedure

We’re out to change your perspective about what lawn care service should be like. We’ve got the best lawn and snow removal services in Rochester, NY and the surrounding area, period.

Before we start any lawn care services, we begin by listening to you and what you have to say about the lawn care and snow removal services you desire! Our experience allows us to ask the right questions that will create the best possible service experience, even if we’re just on the phone. Your past experience with other lawn care and snow removal providers has probably left you feeling like lawn care and snow removal service providers are all the same in Rochester, NY.  We are here to show you that we are different and most likely Callahan’s will end up saving you lots of money.


Before even arriving on your property, we start our process

  1. We’ll document exactly what you tell us over the phone and in person during the estimate process – listening for all the details of the service you desire.
  2. At this point, we call or email you our estimate based on what you have requested. We’ll make sure to get ahold of you – we’ll call your cell, e-mail you, or if necessary, we will leave an estimate at your home.
  3. Then, we’ll assign one of our professionally trained crews that is best suited to your work on your property, based on their experience.
  4. The company owner will often times, stop by jobs before they are completed to ensure they done to your satisfaction.
  5. Then, we start our exclusive maintenance process. We look at the whole job from start to finish. This process prevents us from missing anything like blowing off your sidewalks or closing a fence gate, and this prevents return visits to ‘fix it right’. As we go through the professional lawn care process it ensures that all parts of the job are done right the first time and are not overlooked. We go out into the field daily and inspect our crews’ work to ensure this professional lawn care and snow removal process is being followed on every job.


  1. We perform our services with the best specialized equipment! This saves us both tons of time. By doing this we’re 100% more efficient than others in our industry and we can save you money and complete our jobs on time.


  1. Once the job is completed, a walk around is performed by our crew leader to ensure it was done right. If you are home when we finish a landscape maintenance job we will knock on the door and ask you if everything is to your satisfaction before we leave.


  1. Finally, we’ll give you a call or drop you an email a few days after the service to confirm the whole experience from start to finish was excellent!


When we say we’re the BEST lawn care and snow removal company in Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas, we mean it!


P.S. We often times will call you afterwards to ensure everything is going smoothly for you and all your landscape needs.


P.S.S. And, after completing that entire process, we back up all of our work with our exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – We are the only lawn care company in the Rochester, NY area that will give such a guarantee in writing at the time of your estimate!


Set up a free estimate  Right Now – Click Here

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Since 1993, Mike Callahan has been hard at work building a truly unique lawn care and snow removal company, and providing lawn care and snow removal services of the highest quality; the very best Rochester has to offer. Our staff is made up of fully trained industry veterans that perform every job with care and precision, every time. Rochester consumers have recognized Callahan’s as one of the single most dependable lawn care and snow removal companies that specializes in lawn care and snow removal services only.


Other Rochester lawn care and snow removal providers don’t always have the latest technology and fully trained staff. With Callahan’s being an expert lawn care and snow removal provider in Rochester, NY you will appreciate the profound difference with our service. We will carefully do the job right and take the time to avoid the headaches and unreliability you might experience with other lawn care and snow removal providers in the area. Also, when it’s time for some additional lawn care  maintenance, we are here for you and we can get to it faster and more efficiently than the other companies in Rochester, NY. When you are in need of an lawncare and snow removal professional – no matter if you are in Greece, Irondequoit, Fairport, Pittsford, Penfield, or Rochester –  the team at Callahan’s Lawn Care is the right choice to get the job done correctly the first time! Take your time, and review our website at for valuable insight into our survives, informative videos, and other online information from the professional team at Callahan’s Lawn Care and Property Maintenance.


Don’t spend any more money on lawn care until you have watched to this video.



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The Real Cost of Lawn Care in Rochester, NY

It’s been a long and cold Rochester, New York winter with record low temperatures and historic snow falls across the northeast. Many suburbs in Rochester, New York including Greece, New York Irondequoit, New York, Webster, New York, Penfield, New York, Pittsford, New York and Fairport, New York have been under two or more feet of snow the past month. After an extended period and serious cabin fever you have decided to tackle your lawn care yourself this year. This decision to take on your lawn care is not a bad idea because you are a talented do-it-yourself-person right? Remember when you decided to stain your deck last summer yourself…It went perfectly and you finished it with ease right?

Last season you where not excited with the answers you got from the national lawn care franchise when you asked about the chemical that they may apply to your lawn. Their response was most likely “ I have been using these chemical for years and nothing has happened to me; I am fine.” Most people think that if they are going to try an alternative method of lawn care with fewer chemicals they should try it themselves. Before making the decision to attempt an organic lawn care program by yourself please consider the following:

Time Commitment:

It will take most homeowners 30 to 60 minutes to complete each application on the average lawn in the Rochester, New York area. Don’t forget the time it will take to purchase the products and the space they will take up in your garage or shed to store them. Will you know what products to use to treat the different lawns in the Rochester, New York area? Besides the huge time commitment, if you are using any products that use pesticides, are you educated enough on all the new state posting laws and pre-notification requirements? Yes, homeowners are responsible for reporting and notifying their neighbors depending on the products you are applying. So, is it worth all this time and the risk you may run not following the strict lawn care laws in Rochester, New York?

Proper Equipment:

You will need a fertilizer spreader, which range in price from $45 to $350. Once you have your spreader, will you know how to calibrate it properly to make sure you are applying the right amount of product evenly throughout the lawn area? Do you know the quantity of product that you really need? Not applying enough will give you no results and too much can damage your turf. The biggest problem we see is that many homeowners fail to apply the right amount of product and fail to spread the product evenly.

Have you seen these striped lawns around the neighborhood?


Let Callahan’s Lawn Care offer some advice, don’t be that person in the neighborhood with the striped lawn. Lawn care can be difficult and organic lawn care can be down right confusing. Callahan’s is Monroe County’s exclusive Bee Safe Organic Lawn Care provider. Our team has been professionally trained in New Hampshire to provide the best organic program in Rochester, New York with guaranteed results! You cannot buy these products that Callahan’s has exclusive rights to. They are currently being applied at such prestigious properties including Harvard University and Universal Studios. If you want to experience a truly professional organic lawn care program with guaranteed results call Callahan’s today for a free estimate.

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