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It’s almost that time of year again in Rochester, New York that the large national lawn care companies ramp up their marketing campaigns. For better or worse, these large national firms and franchises are marketing firms disguised as local lawn care companies. As a lawn care consumer in Rochester, New York this may be a turn off many times but the unlimited budgets and persistence of these national firms usually pays off. Many people only hire these lawn care companies to make them go away and stop calling. Before you hire one of these national companies or franchises, consider the benefits of hiring a local lawn care company; founded in Rochester, New York and serving only Rochester, New York’s homeowners. Callahan’s has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will not stop until you are happy with your lawn.
You may be asking…
****Do they answer the phone? Callahan’s is a locally owned business with ties to the community and a real desire to be your service provider. In most cases, you can count on speaking to the owner or at the very least a local knowledgeable employee when you dial the phone.
****Is it too good to be true? The big guys have become very good at “the ole bait and switch” routine. Unfortunately, the deal they are offering is for one application and the price spikes dramatically for all future applications. Callahan’s Lawn Care and Property Maintenance, Inc. will always be honest and upfront with the way they handle your account.
****Does that guy know what he’s doing? The bigger the company gets, the more difficult it is to keep good people. Trust us on this one. Callahan’s goes through a rigorous training course about how to deliver a truly professional customer experience.
Don’t take our word for it though. Find out for yourself. Call Callahan’s today for a free estimate today!


Callahan”s serves Greece, NY Irondequoit, NY Pittsford, NY Fairport, NY Webster, NY Mendon, NY

Family Owned and Operated:
Since 1994, Callahan’s Lawn care and Property Maintenance, Inc. has been providing superior customer service in the Rochester NY Area. Callahan’s prides itself on keeping prices low and very competitive. It is our promise to exceed our customers’ expectations on every job and provide service that is prompt, professional, and personalized.


The Real Cost of a Slip & Fall Lawsuit

If you own a commercial property in the Rochester, NY area you are at risk of becoming a victim of a slip and fall lawsuit.  Rochester, NY ranks 3rd among large cities in the United State for having the largest yearly snow accumulation. With this amount of snow you are at greater risk than most commercial property owners in the United States. Making it even more challenging are lake effect snow and the ever changing temperatures all winter long. The chances of snow melting and refreezing in your parking lot put you at even GREATER RISK! The average cost to defend a  a slip and fall lawsuit is $50,000 and if it goes to court average judgements in these cases are around $100,000. If a slip and fall claim arises, your commercial liability insurance will step in to defend your interests.

Most commercial property owners in Rochester, NY now realize that hiring a snow and ice removal professional up front not only saves them money in the long run but limits their exposure to lawsuits and higher insurance premiums. If you own a commercial property that needs snow and ice removal call Callahan’s for a free snow and ice removal consultation. The lowest priced snow removal contractor in the Rochester, NY area may not be the best choice for your long term stability. Callahan’s specializes in zero tolerance properties that require a professional and proactive approach to snow and ice removal.

If you are not going to shovel this winter call Callahan's we are here to help!





Residential snow plow update 2/9/15

All crews have made a full residential overnight plow run.  The first run was completed by 7am Monday.  With the town plows, sidewalk plows, and excessive winds that are causing extreme snow drifts we will be dispatching our crews out again this afternoon.  We will be waiting until 12:30pm approximately to allow for all town and city crews to plow all roads and side walks.  By waiting an extra hour or two we will be able to ensure everyone has a clean driveway to come home to this evening.  Thank you for choosing Callahan’s as you residential plow service in Rochester, NY.

Snow Plows Make Plans for Storm Coverage


GREECE, N.Y. — Rochester is being hit with another a winter storm. This comes just a week after a foot of snow fell on the area.

We all know the snow can be a hassle, especially driving in it, but for people who make their living off this winter weather, they’re keeping busy.

Mike Callahan of Callahan’s Lawn Care says the last few weeks have been busy for him.His business has 23 crews that are clearing nearly 600 driveways. They start at midnight and are done by 7 a.m.

It’s a routine they plan to follow tonight with the snow that’s falling now and that’s expected to fall over the next couple days.

“For an overnight run we’ll probably dispatch between 12 a.m. and 1 a.m. Everything will be cleared out between 6:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. at the latest. If there’s another 3 inches, we’ll cycle back and dispatch the trucks back out around 8 a.m. for a second run,” Callahan said. “Most people are worried about being cleared out by 7:30 a.m. in the morning and about 5 o’clock at night when they get back from work. With a storm like this you have to stay on top of it, and if it’s close to 3 inches we’ll make sure it’s taken care of.”

Callahan said one of the toughest challenges with working in this kind of weather is the driving conditions.

He says his drivers are out in the worst of the worst and they’re usually out before even the city plow trucks are in most cases. He is asking drivers to just keep an eye out for guys like him when they’re on the road.

Back here on  Long Pond Road the snow continues to fall, so we should see that 3 inch mark tonight, meaning Callahan and his crews will be back at it again.

Callahan this is what they signed up for, and this is what you get when it’s winter in Western New York.

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February 8th 2015 Snow Storm

Callahan’s Lawn Care

Snow Removal Update

Sunday 2/8/15- Tuesday 2/10/15

Seven days later we are faced with a very similar storm setup. Once again Callahan’s wanted to keep you informed before the predicted snow storm hits in the Rochester, NY area including the Greece, NY and Irondequoit, NY areas. All of our staff are waiting and ready to attack the large amount of snow predicted to hit Rochester in the next few days. Just like last week, we have already mobilized two extra trucks to keep all plowing as timely as possible to keep our customers in Greece, NY and Irondequoit, NY satisfied. Please be patient with plow times during the morning rush hour tomorrow. Just like everyone else, our trucks get slowed down in morning rush hour traffic when we drive on main roads. Please be safe and we will be out the duration of the storm clearing your property of snow. For information on up to the minute schedules, check our website by clicking on the Company News tab or click the link to the page here:

This weeks storm projections 2/8/15-2/10/15

2015-02-08_sorm josh
All rights reserved to Channel 10 Rochester and Josh Nichols (@wnywxguy) for forecast map image.
The best forecast in Rochester, New York!

A live look into Callahan’s skid steer performing snow plowing in a Home Owners Association in Rochester, NY

click video below to watch

Commercial Snow Removal 2015

Callahan’s Lawn Care offers a full range of commercial snow and ice removal.  One of these services include skid steer, loader, and backhoe work.  This video highlights our snow stacking services in Rochester NY.  After owner approval we  have the capability to stack or remove snow to alternate locations on site or haul  snow off site.  Trust the Professional in Rochester NY when choosing a commercial snow removal company.  Winter 2015 Irondequoit, New York.

Callahan’s Lawn Care Featured on Channel 10 News

Callahan’s Nick Leonard was interviewed by Rochester New York’s Channel 10, Berkeley Brean on the importance of clearing you fire hydrant after each snow event.  Callahan’s Lawn Care clears out fire hydrants at all of its home owner associations that it performs plowing at.  Callahan’s also offers  sidewalk shoveling and deicing in addition on these properties.   As discussed in the news piece it is extremely important to clear 3 feet around all hydrants to allow firefighter quick access to a water supply to quickly respond to fires in the area.


Safe shoveling tips for Rochester, NY Residents

We at Callahan’s are here for you to provide professional snow plowing in Greece NY, Irondequoit NY, Rochester NY, Webster NY, Fairport NY, Penfield NY, and Ptssford NY.  If you decide to shovel your own driveway this winter we are here for you too.  Callahan’s has complied a list of 8 tips you should read before picking up a shovel this winter in Rochester, NY.

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips:

  1. If you are not physically fit enough to shovel 8 to 15 inches of snow, call a Rochester NY snow plow company.
  2. Warm up and stretch your muscles before you start shoveling.
  3. Use a smaller light weight shovel to make  the job physically manageable. Light weight plastic shovels area great option.
  4. Dress in layers to stay warm when clearing your driveway on snow.
  5. Keep a slow and steady pace, its not a race to the end of the driveway.  Slow and steady gets the job done and keeps you safe.
  6. Don’t twist, face where you are shoveling and move the snow forward .  Snow should never be thrown over your sholder.
  7. Take frequent breaks and stay hydrated.  Do not drink alcoholic beverages stick to water ( especially today on Superbowl Sunday)
    If you are not going to shovel this winter call Callahan's we are here to help!

    If you are not going to shovel this winter call Callahan’s we are here to help!

Commercial Snow Removal Update

Callahan’s Commercial snow removal crews will be out overnight performing clean up snow plow run on all its parking lots, and home owner association’s (HOA”S).  Short term weather forecast predicts that the next major snow event will be this Sunday night February 1, 2015.  Below is a quick video on the service actions that set Callahan’s Lawn Care apart from other commercial plow services in the Rochester, NY area.  Callahan’s attention to detail when snow plowing commercial properties in Rochester, NY set it apart from other providers.  By having a dedicated commercial division that concentrates on sidewalk clearing, parking lot plowing, and parking lot salting and De-icing.  These services are done right the first time, on time each snow and ice event.



A Live look into Callahan’s snow removal services

I looked out my window

and all I saw was white snow as a backdrop

Winter has settled in for sure.  I wanted to give you a little peek behind the scenes of the Callahan snow removal operations. Our crews are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week, and on holidays in order to stay on top of  the snow in the winter. Callahan’s runs two separate divisions: a commercial division and residential division. These two divisions are run separate of each other to ensure prompt service for all customers. Our residential division plows approximately 675 driveways and our commercial division plows 69 commercial properties. We make sure not to over commit and overbook our routes and always build in flexibility for major storms or breakdowns. Our total winter fleet, including leased equipment, is between 22 and 23 crews which are utilized every storm. We recently added two additional trucks to our fleet including a 2015 GMC pick up truck and a 2015 GMC dump truck.

Watch the video below to see a live look behind the scenes of our snow operations.

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