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It’s almost that time of year again in Rochester, New York that the large national lawn care companies ramp up their marketing campaigns. For better or worse, these large national firms and franchises are marketing firms disguised as local lawn care companies. As a lawn care consumer in Rochester, New York this may be a turn off many times but the unlimited budgets and persistence of these national firms usually pays off. Many people only hire these lawn care companies to make them go away and stop calling. Before you hire one of these national companies or franchises, consider the benefits of hiring a local lawn care company; founded in Rochester, New York and serving only Rochester, New York’s homeowners. Callahan’s has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will not stop until you are happy with your lawn.
You may be asking…
****Do they answer the phone? Callahan’s is a locally owned business with ties to the community and a real desire to be your service provider. In most cases, you can count on speaking to the owner or at the very least a local knowledgeable employee when you dial the phone.
****Is it too good to be true? The big guys have become very good at “the ole bait and switch” routine. Unfortunately, the deal they are offering is for one application and the price spikes dramatically for all future applications. Callahan’s Lawn Care and Property Maintenance, Inc. will always be honest and upfront with the way they handle your account.
****Does that guy know what he’s doing? The bigger the company gets, the more difficult it is to keep good people. Trust us on this one. Callahan’s goes through a rigorous training course about how to deliver a truly professional customer experience.
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Callahan”s serves Greece, NY Irondequoit, NY Pittsford, NY Fairport, NY Webster, NY Mendon, NY

Family Owned and Operated:
Since 1994, Callahan’s Lawn care and Property Maintenance, Inc. has been providing superior customer service in the Rochester NY Area. Callahan’s prides itself on keeping prices low and very competitive. It is our promise to exceed our customers’ expectations on every job and provide service that is prompt, professional, and personalized.


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