Landscape Bed Weed Control


Weed Free Landscape Beds This Summer:


keep your Landscape beds looking their best this upcoming summer season by using specialized weed control products such as pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control such as Preen and Roundup. if you are looking for tips how to maintain your own landscape beds this summer please check out our expert advice below, if you were looking for help and weed prevention and service to eliminate the tedious need of hand weeding and  hours of work and pain please give Callahan’s a call for a free estimate for a specialized full week control program in your landscape beds consisting of four or five visits to maintain a weed-free landscape this year in Rochester New York. your Callahan’s professionals are trained and licensed apply ornamental bed weed control and have the train experts to ensure your landscape looks its best all season long.


Do it Yourself Tips:


If you are looking to tackle the weeding of your landscape beds this season here are a few tips from the professionals at Callahan’s to help you along the way. Early spring apply a pre-emergent weed control agent to prevent the seedng of new weeds this year. The second step is to apply a post-emergent to eliminate any existing weeds that may have been in the beds before the pre-emergent application. The third and final stop is constant monitoring and the application of a post-emergent non-selective herbicide to ensure any additional weeds that do fly into your beds via the air or different things like birds are taken care of in a timely fashion. Caution should be taken in order not to come in contact with any plans with a non-selective herbicide because it will kill the foliage and possibly kill the plant. If this sounds like something you’d like to leave up to professionals please give us a call for a free estimate otherwise thank you for checking out our post on creating a weed-free landscape bed this summer.


Benefits and Results of Of Hiring a Professional Weed Control Expert:


  • More Manicure landscape and great curb appeal
  • Helps prevent germination of wens and controls existing weeds
  • Reduced maintenance by the homeowner [Enjoy Your Summer!]
  • Don’t worry about the right products to use and when to use them.


Areas that we provide landscape bed weed prevention:

Greece New York, Irondequoit New York, Pittsford New York, Penfield New York, Gates New York, Webster New York, and Rochester New York.

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