The Real Cost of Lawn Care in Rochester, NY

It’s been a long and cold Rochester, New York winter with record low temperatures and historic snow falls across the northeast. Many suburbs in Rochester, New York including Greece, New York Irondequoit, New York, Webster, New York, Penfield, New York, Pittsford, New York and Fairport, New York have been under two or more feet of snow the past month. After an extended period and serious cabin fever you have decided to tackle your lawn care yourself this year. This decision to take on your lawn care is not a bad idea because you are a talented do-it-yourself-person right? Remember when you decided to stain your deck last summer yourself…It went perfectly and you finished it with ease right?

Last season you where not excited with the answers you got from the national lawn care franchise when you asked about the chemical that they may apply to your lawn. Their response was most likely “ I have been using these chemical for years and nothing has happened to me; I am fine.” Most people think that if they are going to try an alternative method of lawn care with fewer chemicals they should try it themselves. Before making the decision to attempt an organic lawn care program by yourself please consider the following:

Time Commitment:

It will take most homeowners 30 to 60 minutes to complete each application on the average lawn in the Rochester, New York area. Don’t forget the time it will take to purchase the products and the space they will take up in your garage or shed to store them. Will you know what products to use to treat the different lawns in the Rochester, New York area? Besides the huge time commitment, if you are using any products that use pesticides, are you educated enough on all the new state posting laws and pre-notification requirements? Yes, homeowners are responsible for reporting and notifying their neighbors depending on the products you are applying. So, is it worth all this time and the risk you may run not following the strict lawn care laws in Rochester, New York?

Proper Equipment:

You will need a fertilizer spreader, which range in price from $45 to $350. Once you have your spreader, will you know how to calibrate it properly to make sure you are applying the right amount of product evenly throughout the lawn area? Do you know the quantity of product that you really need? Not applying enough will give you no results and too much can damage your turf. The biggest problem we see is that many homeowners fail to apply the right amount of product and fail to spread the product evenly.

Have you seen these striped lawns around the neighborhood?


Let Callahan’s Lawn Care offer some advice, don’t be that person in the neighborhood with the striped lawn. Lawn care can be difficult and organic lawn care can be down right confusing. Callahan’s is Monroe County’s exclusive Bee Safe Organic Lawn Care provider. Our team has been professionally trained in New Hampshire to provide the best organic program in Rochester, New York with guaranteed results! You cannot buy these products that Callahan’s has exclusive rights to. They are currently being applied at such prestigious properties including Harvard University and Universal Studios. If you want to experience a truly professional organic lawn care program with guaranteed results call Callahan’s today for a free estimate.

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