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What The Numbers on Your Fertilizer Bag Mean

Hey Mike Callahan here wanted to make a video to explain what the 3 numbers on the fertilizer bag mean if you’re looking to tackle your fertilization and weed control this year in your lawn. Theses three numbers are made up of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium and they are represented as a percentage of weight that each element is in the bag. For example if we had a 4-4-4 in a 12 pound bag we would we have 4 pounds of nitrogen 4 pounds of phosphorus and 4 pounds of potassium.
it is important to know that there is about 17 elements that are essential for growth in a plant and Lawn are the most important to 3, nitrogen is known for spring vigorously the growth and rich green color and lawns and grass plants and without enough nitrogen growth slows and lines and planes turn pale with too much nitrogen flower and fruit bearing plants put their efforts into green growth and forfeit their blooms and fruit.
Phosphorus focus and strong root development and flowers fruits and seeds and also helps a plant use other nutrients. Potassium enhances the overall growth and helps regulate root and top growth and keeps plants healthy. In addition potassium will help the plant from drought tolerance disease and pest resistance and from the cold.

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