Lawn Mowing Greece, New York

Hi this is Mike Callahan of Callahan’s Lawn Care making a quick video about the proper way to mow your lawn in Greece, New York. To have the best looking stripes in the neighborhood. The first step is to cut a circular pattern around the perimeter of the property making sure to direct the clippings away from the home and the landscape beds. By pointing the clippings out  of the mower to the interior of the lawn this can be achieved. The next step to having a great looking lawn in Greece New York is when you’re turning the lawnmower the first week on the horizontal stripes pattern to complete your turn using a a K Turn and not spin and one stationary point they could damage and tear up the lawn and create a turn mark.

The second week we will use a vertical stripe pattern running in the opposite direction of the first week which was a horizontal pattern. When looking at the stripes created by the mower you’ll notice there is a light and dark pattern,   the light color you see on the grass blades is from the reflection of the Sun on the Longleaf of the grass. The darker-colored stripes are the grass blades pushed towards you and the light reflection of the sun is on the shorter part of the grass creating the appearance of a darker stripe.

The third week you are going to want to go in a diagonal pattern across the yard remembering to go around the outside of the property directing your grass clippings to Interior the lawn once again to avoid putting grass clippings at the house or in the landscape beds. The final cut on week four will be the opposite diagonal direction to create a complete checkerboard pattern with diagonal cuts alternating each Direction on the fifth week you will start back again with the  first vertical lawn mowing pattern and continue for the next four weeks following the same system. it is important to remember that when cutting the grass in this systematic pattern it will create a stronger grass play because we’re cutting it from different directions and not allow the grass to lay down and be mad if we cut the same exact way each every week or more tips please check us out at or give us a call at 585-261-3379. Hopefully you found these tips useful for lawn mowing in Greece, New York.

Source: Scag Power Equipment, | illustrations: David Preiss

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