Lawn Mowing Greece, NY on a slope

Mike Callahan wanted to make a video to go over the proper way to mow a lawn in Greece, New York that has a slope period the first step is to get out your manufacturer’s manual for the particular mower you’re using. The next step is to check out the recommended maximum slope in degrees that your particular mower is built to mow. there are two different types of mowers one is hydraulically driven and the other is belt-driven comma when mowing a slope I would recommend a hydraulically driven mower with a locking differential to avoid the chance of the mower slipping backwards and hitting you. Once you have confirmed the proper slope from the manufacturer’s manual and determine the best type of mower to use on the slope when lawn mowing in Greece, New York the next step is to identify if the slope is too wet or too dry to cut.
Either of these conditions may lead to the mower slipping and damaging the mower or injury to yourself.

Now that you’re ready to perform your lawn mowing in Greece, New York on a slope we will start from the bottom of the slope and work our way up the slope on a slight angle and if possible turn the mower off the slope, if this is not possible turn the mower up words and continue up in side by side to side all the way up the hill. Do not cut the hill or slow up and down if you run the risk of losing control of the mower or even worse at flipping on top of you. The final tip is to Throttle Down The Mower so it is not going too fast so if you do run into an obstacle or the mower starts to slip you have a better chance of regaining control of the mower safely.

Source Credits :
Orec America,
illustrations: David Preiss

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