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Our products are 100% organic and meet all the requirements for The Child Safe Playing Fields Act which bans the use of pesticides on school and day care center grounds. Call now to set up an appointment with one of Callahan’s organic experts. We are excited to show you how we can manage your grounds and athletic fields within the confines of the new regulations for the same cost of a traditional synthetic program. Our products are currently being used on some of the most distinguished college campuses and theme parks in the United States with great results!

  • Callahan’s Lawn Care and Property Maintenance is Rochester, New York’s FIRST CHOICE FOR ORGANIC LAWNCARE.
  • Converting the care of your turf to organic is actually very simple if you apply science to the process.

We Specialize in Municipal Conversions, Athletic Fields, Estate Properties and Institutional Campuses

Please feel free to contact us to discover how the cost associated with using organic techniques are almost identical to synthetic chemical treatments. Because turf care is very “budget sensitive,” especially when it comes to larger and more intensive properties, we take all the aspects of our program and separate them into individual services. An intensive program where the need for premium results outweighs budgetary concerns would include all of the services while a low budget or low maintenance program would include fewer.We have decades of experience in turf care and are literally on the cutting edge of science when it comes to organic practices. The ability to test and manufacture inputs based on those tests is not something you will be able to find anywhere else. Surprisingly, it is this practice and technology that allows us to keep the costs associated with going organic in line with a traditional or chemical approach. In fact, in many cases you will find that it’s actually more economical to go organic with your site. Please contact us to determine the costs associated with maintaining the turf by using our services.