Snow And Ice Removal

Residential snow plowing is performed every three inches of snow out of the sky; this does not cover drifts or snow placed on the driveway by town plows or sidewalk plows.  Snow drifts and snow placed on the driveway by a town plow can be removed by request for a fee of $ 8.00 + tax.

Driveways are traditionally cleared out by 6:00am and 5:00pm in the evening.  The company is available via phone 24 hours a day,  7 days a week any time there is a snow or ice event in case of an emergency. Included in the price, we stake out your driveway so we can see where your driveway ends in a snow event.  We also cover any lawn repair caused by the plow free of charge if you call between April 5th and 10th at the end of the season. Callahans is not responsible for any damage caused to the pavement because every driveways pavement is in different condition and it is not possible to see the pavement condition under the snow.

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Commercial & HOA

Commercial Snow Plowing:

Commercial plowing is performed in

HOAs, parking lots, and private streets. Service starts at different trigger points; the most common is every 1.5 inches of snow but up to 2 inches of snow. Commercial plowing can be performed during any hours of the day or night depending on customer needs.  We specialize in zero tolerance properties that require, at a minimum, wet pavement during all working hours.  The careful placement of snow is always looked after to make sure there are no melt and refreeze areas on the pavement to reduce the result of a slip and fall on our properties.

Commercial sidewalk clearing and ice removal:

Commercial sidewalk clearing and ice removal is performed in HOAs, commercial buildings, and churches.  Service starts at different trigger points; the most common is any time there is ice or snow on the surface.  Commercial sidewalk service can be performed during any hours of the day or night depending on customer needs.  Sidewalks traditionally cleared and treated with ice melt constantly throughout working hours.  Our service times are documented very carefully and most of our trucks are equipped with GPS enabled devices to time and date stamp all services performed to help guard against slip and fall litigation.

Parking lot and private drive pavement salting (deicing):

Salting is performed whenever there is ice or the potential of ice to reduce the risk of slip and falls.   We also pay great attention to loading docks to make sure our customers can run their business in a safe and efficient manner even in the worst storms and ice events.

Snow removal to offsite locations:

Upon request we have the ability to remove snow off site when snow piles become a safety issue or there is no more room to stack snow on site. This is traditionally performed overnight when there is little or no traffic for safety reasons. The service is billed out per piece of equipment utilized and usually has a three hour minimum charge to be performed. We do not perform this service without proper authority of the owner or management group.

Snow stacking services:

Snow stacking is performed on sites that have ample room to relocate snow piles. This is traditionally performed overnight when there is little or no traffic for safety reasons. The service is billed out per piece of equipment utilized and usually has a three hour minimum charge to be performed. We do not perform this service without proper authority of the owner or management group.